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Seaside Aviation specializes in piston single and twin engine aircraft, light biz jet and retired military turbines.

Our favorites are all single engine Beechcraft . I am a fanatic about the V-Tail Bonanza! I have been around and owned Bonanzas for over 30 years and absolutely love the plane. I am a true fan of the early "E" series Bonanzas. I love the look, the sound, the smell, simply everything. I fly a highly modified 1947 Straight 35 that has a very interesting past! Give a call, I'll tell you all about it. 

Piper Cherokees are just a pleasurable plane to deal with. Easy to fly, inexpensive to own and operate. It is always a great "first " plane and a great seller!

The Mooney has a following much like the Bonanza! A truely wonderful plane. Fast, economical and looks great on the ramp! Every Mooney I get in never lasts long!

Cessna 172's. What can I say? The plane that taught us to fly! A great seller and an economical plane to own and fly!

The list could go on and on but basically we deal with the most popular of aircraft and can generally find anything that a buyer wants.

Email: seasideaviation@gmail.com